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texas state university

Cleaning & Disinfection

custodial staff have been trained on effective methods and provided protective equipment as needed for their jobs.

  • custodial services spray classrooms nightly with a hospital-grade sanitizer using an electrostatic sprayer. the concentration is sufficient to kill the virus but low enough not to damage fabrics or corrode metal surfaces. the product is approved by the fda and has long been utilized in hospitals.
  • we have extended the classroom electrostatic anti-viral spraying to include shared spaces and private offices on our campuses regularly.
  • a cleaning kit, which includes a disinfecting spray, cleaning cloths, and disposable gloves, is placed in each classroom in case there is an immediate need. instructors are not required to clean surfaces as the nightly custodial cleaning is powerful, but the supplies are there if an instructor would like to do so. custodial services clean and restock supplies as needed. the kits also include a few masks for those individuals who may have forgotten their masks that day.
  • deans and department heads have been contacted about ordering additional supplies for offices through the university. items available for offices include cleaning cloths, disinfectant spray, reusable spray bottles, and plastic wrap for public-use keyboards. employees who may need these supplies are encouraged to request them through their dean or department head. custodial services has ample supplies and continues to receive shipments of consumable products. 
  • custodial services focus the manual cleaning and disinfecting efforts on high-touch areas.
  • in breakrooms, handles on refrigerators and microwaves, and of control panels on microwaves and vending machines, are sanitized regularly. 
  • at the student recreation center, surface sanitizing supplies are available for users of high-touch equipment to clean equipment regularly. do your part to clean exercise equipment after each use.
  • computer lab personnel wipe down surfaces including keyboards, mouse, desktops, computer monitors, chairs and all furniture with approved, computer-safe, epa-registered disinfectant after every user.  

measures to safeguard bobcats in frequently used buildings

beyond the cleaning and disinfection measures underway by custodial services at texas state, there are spaces and buildings at the university where additional building specific safeguards are part of the daily routine. please find more details on the unique measures in place at these frequently used buildings and the bobcat shuttle on campus: